martin friedel composer

current projects

2018 -2019 most of my work continues to be centered around the ARBOREANA PROJECT and related work such soundscapes for SILENT WITNESS (Museum of Victoria) featuring the photography of Gunditjmara Elder, Jim Berg. There was also a welcome revisiting of an earlier collaboration with filmaker John Hughes in a music-film work ALL THIS YOU SAW for film, choir and instrumental ensemble, based on his film One Way Street (1992) ) and the Brecht poem On the Suicide of the Refugee WB, sadly relevant given Australia's maltreatment  of refugees. (Astra Concerts November 2018)

2020 - has been spent devising and extending my sonic art work; investigating recording equipment and methods, getting up to speed with digital audio software. I've spent many hours recording at my favourite spot in the beautiful Strathbogie Ranges.. when Covid drastically reduced airtravel a deep stillness enveloped this location and I tried to record this.

Other sonic projects are centered in Melbourne. Sounding Royal Park is a sonic exploration of Royal Park (supported by a City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grant) and Sounding the City a sonic traverse through a quieter city ( supported by a grant from Creative Victoria)