martin friedel composer


Between 1971 and 1989, much of my composition revolved around the theatre. In all, I composed and directed music for  forty to fifty  theatre productions starting in the tiny-but-so-important LaMama and the larger-and-exciting-but-chaotic Australian Performing Group at the Pram Factory and moving to the bigger-but-less-exciting mainstream companies such as the Melbourne and Queensland Theatre companies. And a six months residency at the wonderful Berliner Ensemble of Bertolt Brecht.   My composing covered much ground; stylistically, functionally and form-content wise; sound effects, musique concrete, underscore, formally scored overtures and scene-change pieces, music improvised by actors using bits of stage-junk, music performed by small theatre bands and maybe a hundred songs for singing actors..composed at breakneck speed and rehearsed on-the-fly during four short weeks of rehearsal. Observing actors and directors at work, I became fascinated by the possibilities of words and music..

Only a few notated scores and recordings of my theatre works exists.  Here a song from Odyssey of a Prostitute (after Maupassant)by Jack Hibberd , Church Theatre production, Melbourne ca 1984.

The singer is the late Jan Friedl (1947-2017)

from Odyssey of a prostitute.mp3