Sounding Royal Park

north south meander


The first part of this walk is filled with the sounds of human exertion;  tennis, football, biking, jogging, walking, excited talking. It follows much of the Upfield line between Jewell and Flemington Bridge. There are constant lorikeet flypasts,  galahs on the golf field. I also recorded a rare encounter: 3 transient yellow tailed black cockatoos being harassed by magpies. Past Royal Park Station, down the steep hill, speeding bikes and up again, turn west into remnants of concrete structures hidden in grass then uphill to White's skink country. Lots of small woodland birds and there are paths leading to the wetlands of the Ponding walk.  Up to the bike path, past the fossil embankment. Under the rail line at Parkville West then follow Flemington road on your right towards the Children's Hospital. At dusk there are flocks of lorikeets working out sleeping arrangements. Their bedtime chatter is amazing and for once it drowns out traffic. This is a longish walk. 

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