Sounding Royal Park



You'll hear gulls, magpies and magpie larks and maybe a masked lapwing on the playing field. As you cross to the woodlands, there are raucous wattle birds, lorikeets and common mynas (of course). There's always a crow or two over the escarpment towards the Upfield line. As the path enters the dense growth of scrub and reeds around the ponds, myriad small-and-well-hidden birds dart around to serenade or warn. Only the trained ear can differentiate who is who. Near the water, especially at dusk, listen for ducks, waterfowl and frogs.

All natural sounds are overlaid by unrelenting  freeway roar and the nearby CSL extractor fans; how do the birds manage - do they sing louder? sing in different keys?

Birds in Royal Park is highly recommended if you'd like to name the songsters. .

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