Sounding Royal Park

zoo and grassland circle

Zoo and grassland circle.mp3

A medium walk around familiar places. I start in Park Street go past the tennis courts and join the crowd down the hill to the zoo. I stop to listen to crickets and small birds in  the railway cutting, then down to the Zoo Corner near Royal Park Station. A bored lion sings for its supper. Anti-clockwise around the Zoo next to the 58 tram. All sorts of sounds, humans, birds, rain and wind. Half way up the gentle slope, unmistakable sound of the bell-miners who live inside the zoo but hang out in the gums by the brick wall. At the top a grove of sheoaks. If there's a strong wind stop and listen! Across Elliot Ave and to the native grassland. The middle is a special spot; the metropolis in the paddock. The quietest spot in the park. Then back towards the zoo, across sportsfields stopping to admire some old redgums. Chat with a nice traveller who thinks I'm a spy. Its late so admit to eavesdropping on some frogs. Home before curfew.

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